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Best time to visit Ladakh

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Leh-Ladakh is one of the most desired places to visit by any avid traveler, throughout the year the weather is pleasant but the monsoon might be harsh. Here is the detailed description:

  • April to Mid-May: April is the onset of tourist season. Various camps at Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri Lake commence to set up. The highways of Srinagar Leh is clear at this season. The Leh Ladakh offers its breathtaking scenes during the late April.
  • Mid May to July: Manali road opens up along with Rohtang Pass. The climate is pleasant by mid-June. The tourists hustle during this season due to the incredible landscapes and onset of the local festival.
  • August to Mid-September: Traveling during this season is not advisable due the ill monsoon weather.
  • Mid-September to Mid-October: It is also one of the best seasons to visit because of the picturesque landscapes as the place is imbued in wonderful colors. Water bodies turn aqua blue and Ladakh is brimming with astonishing beauty.
  • Mid October to Mid-November: By this time the cold has completely taken over the area with sub-zero temperatures. It is not advisable to travel now due to extreme chill and presence of black ice (coating of ice on road surface).
  • Mid-November to March: This is the coldest seasons of all in Ladakh when the region is completely cut-off from rest of India by road due to heavy snowfall. From Mid-January to Mid-March adventure tourists arrive for the famous walk over the frozen Zanskar River. The major highlight is the changing colors of Pangong Tso Lake and Tso Moriri Lake from November to December/mid-January.

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