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Chakrata(6 hrs drive from Delhi)is a hidden gem sitting on top of Dehradun with some awestruck landscapes and beautiful views. The place is a drawing of those mountains which every child use to draw in their drawing classes in kindergarten. A 6hrs drive from Delhi will take you to a whole new world of untouched mountains. If your idea for travel is to take a perfect break from the city and do nothing except take rambling walks on quiet paths, witnessing the 2nd highest waterfall in Asia, go caving or just curl up with a book and a large pot of tea, Chakrata awaits. 

Things to see and do

Tiger Falls

One of the highest direct fall (300m) is in Chakrata, this waterfall splashes into a rocky pool where you can enjoy a rejuvenating bath with your friends and family. You can reach the Tiger fall by trekking (5km) from Chakrata or you can hire a cab from the city to reach near the fall where you can park your car at road end and then it is an easy trek of about 1.5 km to the falls.


5 km drive down the Tiuni road, from where the road leading right heads to Deoban. This meadow, at a height of 9,298 ft, is set amid deodar forest which is not less than a fairy world. Mesmerizing views of the lower Himalayas, clear blue skies, tall trees, and chirping birds are a key thing which you will see in this forest. This dense forest is a perfect destination for bird-watching.  The road is only up till forest rest house Deoband and the condition of the road is not meant for a car with low ground clearance, so HOWDY HIGHLANDS provides a sturdy 4WD service from Chakrata to deoban. You can book this ride at 

Budher Caves and Meadows 

The alpine meadows of the north and the mysterious Budher Caves lie at a distance of 22 km from Chakrata. Take the Tiuni Road till Lokhandi, then turn left, and then a right. Around 3 km down this road is the Budher Forest Rest House which is equally beautiful and old as this forest is. From here, a slightly narrow unpaved path take you to the beginning of the trek into the forest. Walk for about 2.5 km and prepare your self for the utterly awe-inspiring vistas of Bugyal that await. The trek unexpectedly ends, and beautiful green meadows spread out ahead. It seems as if you’re in the plains, but the altitude here is actually 2,800 m. Reach the caves which is believed to be dug by the Pandavas during their “Vanvaas” before the Mahabharata War was fought. Length of the cave is around 150m long and is a brilliant sport for adrenalin junkies who are looking for some caving adventure. The formation of the caves is mostly of limestone rocks with brilliant stalagmite and stalactite designs. Caving expeditions are organised by HOWDY HIGHLANDS during the month of june and october in the enitre year.

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