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Churdhar Mahadev trek in Sirmaur, Himachal

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You won’t feel disappointed in Himachal if you are in the mood of adventure and trekking. It challenges the enthusiastic of the offbeat tourism spots. Churdhar is a splendid destination where you can fulfill your thirst and experience mother nature. It is situated in the district of Sirmor and holds significant religious importance to Hindus. This is the highest peak in Sirmaur. A giant statue of Lord Shiva is built at the top of the Churdhar peak. The trekking includes a seven kilometer of a tough trek, situated at 3647 meters above the sea level.

During your trail, you will go through some enchanting scenes of nature and feel overwhelmed with those spectacular beauties all around you. The total area of 56.16 km2 is the most peaceful place. You can approach Churdhar by two routes from Nohradhar and Nirmour of the total 14 kilometers and by Chaupal and Sarahan of 8 kilometers. The total trek will be around five hours, but with those strikingly beautiful sights, the view of Kedarnath and Badrinath peaks, Lahaul and Spiti ranges and chirping noises all around you won’t make you feel drained. You will come across a few charming temples, and if your luck supports, you can witness a musk deer make your trek much more memorable.

Churdhar is also known as Churi-Chandni Dhar and Bangles of snow ridge as well. This is the highest peak in the outer Himalayan range. The surrounding forest sanctuary will offer a delightful affair to your trek. If you are a wildlife admirer, then it will be a suitable place for you. You will come across birds like Himalayan monal, red jungle fowl, Indian peafowl, and last but not the least multi-colored laughing thrush. Apart from wildlife, you will also, behold snow clad mountains surrounding you from all sides. Believe me, this will be the moment of your life and leave you flabbergasted.

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