Hampta Pass Trek



Hampta Pass Trek: An Absolute Beauty In The Himachal Region

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If you love mountains and like to explore thrill-seeking places, then Hampta Pass trek is the ideal location for you. The moderately high elevation will make your trek perfect for trekkers and mountaineers. The maximum altitude for a trekker will be about 14000 feet

Your tour will start from Manali and make you explore some scenic locations of Chikka, where you can take rest during your excursion. It will take you through the dense forest of Rhododendron, Oak and pine trees. You will also witness Hampta river, which serves as the bridge for the natives of Hampta to reach Lahaul and Spiti Valley. The Hampta Pass Ranges from Prini Village. Your trail will full of lush greenery and spellbinding landscapes. The best time for the Hampta Pass trek is from mid-June to mid-October. You can witness snow on the passes in the season time. If you are planning your trek in the month of August when there is a chance of seeing snow melting. The temperature will like to stay between 12 to 20-degree centigrade during the day and at night the temperature will be -2 degree to 6-degree centigrade. It is good to plan your trek in the early season means early July, as at the latter part of the trekking season you can’t witness the snowfall. There are a less possibility and temperature will remain 12-18 degree centigrade at that time. 

Hampta pass is located in the eastern part of Manali and Pir Panjal. Located in the Himachal region, it is a perfect trekking paradise for every voyager.It has got its name from the Hampta village situated in the Pir Pangal region. With the glaciers, jagged mountains and meadows Hampta pass Trek is an elusive beauty which has not been explored by many.

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