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Pangong Tso Lake – Brief Detail You Can Know
Posted by: /2950
Situated at the height of 4350 m, Pangong Tso Lake is the world’s highest saltwater lake. Extending to 160 Km, one- third of Pangong Tso lake lies India and two-thirds part lies in China. Pangong Tso Lake is known for changing its colors 4-5 times in a day appearing deep blue, green and red.Pangong Tso […]
beas kund


The Origin Of Beas River & Beas Kund Trek
Posted by: /4550
An exciting trekking which will present the trekkers with breathtaking panoramic sights. The gushing sounds of the river and the calm weather gives the trekkers a wonderful feeling. It is all a different world and it's a satisfying trek.
beas kund


The Origin Of Beas River & Beas Kund Trek
Posted by: /3220
This trek will is really suitable for both inexperience and experience. It can be a short weekend trek where one can experience breathtaking moments and memorable moments. The beautiful and mesmerizing sights are eye capturing and also the trek will offer panoramic view. These places are famous attractions in Manali.